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Windfarm Akmenė One, UAB and Windfarm Akmenė Two, UAB

This Privacy Policy applies to the processing of personal data on website (Website) by Windfarm Akmenė One, UAB and Windfarm Akmenė Two, UAB, Gedimino Avenue 9 LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania, (Controllers).

This Privacy Policy provides information as required by the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union 679/2016 (GDPR) and describes the practices and purposes of personal data processing.

Controllers processes personal data in accordance with the GDPR and applicable national law. This Privacy Policy is intended to help us make personal data processing lawful, fair, transparent, secure, accurate and limited to necessary purposes. Unless otherwise specified, terms and definitions in this Privacy Policy are used in accordance with Article 4 of the GDPR.

Controllers process your personal data jointly pursuant to Article 26 of the GDPR and Controllers jointly determine the purposes and means of processing of your personal data collected on the Website. Controllers have concluded a joint controller agreement. The purpose of this contract is to record which of the two Controllers assumes which legal obligation. You may exercise your rights under the GDPR in respect of and against each of the Controllers.


Contact Form
Visitors of the Website may submit questions for Controllers regarding our services and products by filling in a contact form. Your personal data provided on the contact form (first name, name, company, position, phone, email) will be processed for the purpose of answering your questions and providing relevant information. Your personal data will be processed on the basis of your consent which you provide in the contact form.

The provision of personal data is a requirement which must be fulfilled in to submit your question and failure to submit this data will prevent us from answering your questions or providing relevant information.

Log-in and Energy production
Visitors of the Website may login to the data room interface and their enterprise account to check current and past energy production of the wind energy turbines. Controllers will process log-in data (username and password) on the basis of conclusion and performance of agreement.

The provision of personal data is a requirement which must be fulfilled in order to conclude a contract. Failure to submit your data will prevent us from entering into contracts with you and providing you with our services.

Direct Marketing
We will process your personal data (name, surname, email address, telephone number, interests) to inform you of our products and services and other relevant information. You will receive marketing information from us if you subscribe to our newsletter or other communication. Also, if you fill out the marketing questionnaires that we provide when attending events. Your personal data for this purpose will be processed on the basis of consent or legitimate interest (providing information to existing clients).

The provision of this personal information is optional, but failure to do so will prevent us from informing you of the goods, services and other relevant news.

Video Surveillance
We use CCTV cameras in our premises and territory. The purpose of such video surveillance is to ensure the protection of our employees, customers and others, as well as property, to prevent crime and to identify offenders. You will be informed about video surveillance by signs at the entrances to the filming areas and premises.

Candidate for Employment Selection
We will process your personal data (name, first name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, city, education, work experience, preferred position, recommendations, test scores, assessments, qualifications, professional skills, personal qualities and other information you provide) for recruitment purposes. When applying for a job position, do not provide excess information that is not required. The legal basis for processing is your consent expressed by applying for a job.

This information is necessary for the candidate selection process and failure to submit it will prevent us from including you in the relevant selection process.

Site Usage
We collect personal data with the help of cookies on our Website. Please see our Cookie Policy for further information here.


We keep personal data only as long as it is necessary or required in relation to the purpose of their processing. You may make an inquiry about detailed terms and conditions of data retention.

We retain your personal data provided in our contact form for the duration of answering your questions and providing relevant information and 2 years after that.

We will retain log-in information along with information and personal data of our contract which is retained for the duration of contract validity and 10 years after that.

We will retain your personal data used for direct marketing purposes for 3 years, unless you withdraw your consent earlier.

We retain video surveillance records for 1 month.

Candidates for employment data will be processed for the duration of candidate selection process, unless we receive your consent to retain personal data for longer period.

We retain data collected with cookies for periods indicated in our Cookie Policy available here.


You have the following rights in regard to your personal data processed by Controllers:

1) right to access personal data;
2) right to withdraw consent;
3) right to correct data;
4) right to erasure;
5) right to restrict or limit the processing;
6) right to data portability;
7) right to object to personal data processing;
8) right to lodge a complaint to supervisory authority.

You can exercise your rights as a data subject by contacting any of the Controllers in person and providing your personal identity document (passport, identity card or driving license), or by sending your request signed with an electronic signature by email . Please note that you may need to provide additional information to confirm your identity. We will provide relevant replies and/or records without undue delay, and in any event within one month as of the receipt of your request.

We will provide you a confirmation of the actions we have taken in response to your request (for example, confirmation of deletion). We will also let you know if we cannot fulfil a certain request, as well as the reasons behind such a decision.

We reserve the right to reject requests that are unreasonably repetitive, excessive or clearly unfounded or to charge a reasonable fee for such requests.


We will transfer your personal data to:

  • Legal advisors whose services require your personal data;
  • Other companies that provide services upon our request: IT service providers that maintain our databases and software, auditors who perform our due diligence, which also requires access to your data, marketing services companies that help to send you newsletters and other information and to other service providers in carrying out their activities.

5. Consequences of failure to provide personal data

We and our service providers collect your personal data set forth in this Privacy Policy in order to provide the requested services to you, or because we need your personal data to enter into a contract with you or we are legally required to do so. If you do not provide personal data we request, we may not be able to provide you with the requested services or enter into a contract with you.

6. Validity and Amendments

This Privacy Policy is valid from 01.11.2019. In case we change this Privacy Policy, we will publish its updated version on our Website. The amendments and additions to the Privacy Policy come into force when they are published on our website.

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